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Our Club | We Love DF

Our Club – Your Workout Groups here  in Boracay Island


What's Dragon Boating?



Dragon boat is a human-powered boat traditionally started in the Pearl River Delta vicinity of China’s northern Guangdong Province using wood to help various types and different sizes. It is considered one of a category of Traditional Paddled Longer Boats seen throughout Parts of asia, Africa, along with the Pacific Island destinations. Dragon boats are definitely the basis in the team-paddling sport activity of dragon boat pounding, an amateurish watersport that’s its roots within a ancient people ritual that will contending villagers held within the last 2000 a long time throughout northern China. While ‘competition’ has had place on a yearly basis for a lot more than 20 centuries with regard to religious events and people customs, dragon sail boat racing emerged nowadays as a major international sport, from Hong Kong in 1976.

Dragonboating is definitely an activity which transcends the conventional boundaries within other athletic activities, competed in the international level Dragon boating can be a mostly a described as a sport for many, all ages, levels of athleticism, along with time dedication.

If you only desire outside oxygen during the week, or wishes to compete at the very top of your highest atheletic stage. WeLoveDF will assist you to achieve that goal.

Why Us

theclubAt Boracay Social Paddling Club organized by the team members of Boracay DragonFlies/DragonForce Dragon Boat Team, as workout groups we work very hard to serve the best interest of all of our members. We are not focused on dogmatic paddling ideologies, nor do we feel that there is a cookie cutter solution to help people accomplish their goals. We are in love with the processes of building people up, we are constantly experimenting, and we measure our progress with sweat, speed, and smiles.



Come socialize with us on land or off the water! Our club/workout groups is 100+ members and growing.  We appeal to all types of  people and from every age group. Our ommunity sets up monthly happy hours, cliff diving, island hopping, outdoor wall climbing, barbecues, club parties, community service events, and many other ways of having fun together as a club.  Meet new people, explore Boracay Island and it’s surrounding, and give a helping hand to the locals.

More details can be found in the Events Calendar.

Learn To Paddle

learntopaddleCome learn to paddle with us! Our beginner practice is a perfect place to start. No prior experience or equipment necessary. Starting in April, we run beginner practice every Monday to Friday from 6:00am to 8:00am. Go to the “Membership” tab section of this page.  Complete the waiver, and sign up for a specific practice date and time so that we know to expect you. Read through Practice Session Info for general information and  Maps for practice location. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Race With Us

racewithusWant to experience the adrenaline rush of dragon boat racing? Our club/workout groups will participate in several races this season, both in the Boracay Island and across the country. All paddlers have the opportunity to race with the club-inclusive team. For the more competitive paddler, try out for our premier race team. With some of the most talented dragon boat coaches in the Boracay area, you’ll gain top-notch instruction and race with other committed athletes. Current members can sign up for upcoming races on the 2016 Race Schedule.

Come paddle with us to find out for yourself.
We cannot wait to see you on the water.

Where is Practice?

During Habagat Season (October to July) we practice at the White Beach in Station 2 – in front of Boracay Beach Resort/Aplaya (where the Dragon Boats are parked). On Amihan Season (August to September) –  we then practice in Bolabog Beach aka Back Beach near Area 51. Please Check the Directions & Maps for exact locations.

When is Practice?

***Schedule may vary depending on weather and will be confirmed every week.

See below.

Beginner Practice: Saturdays 6:00-8:00am

Beginner Practice Sign-up

Regular Practice: Saturdays 6:00-8am, Mondays to Fridays

Regular club practice sign-up will become available once you become a Boracay Social Paddling Club member.

All practices are composed of 60 minutes essential warm-up on land and then 1 hour of training on the water.


Dragon Boating is a fun, healthy, refreshing sport in open water and open air that imparts many physical and social benefits. It is one of the best sports for the core, legs, and back muscles, shoulders, arms and thighs. It is also a team sport with a dash of culture and a great competitive edge to surely bring that athlete out of you.The sport has 3 basic components: A boat, a steersperson, and a crew. The crew sits side-by-side, and can have up to 22 team members per boat. Races are held around both the region and world, and at different levels of competition.


 Getting 20 paddlers to do the same thing at precisely the same time takes a great deal of teamwork!

Core and Cardio Exercise: This type of activity hits all the areas most gym workouts do not target, to include abs, all aspects of the back, and legs. Practices vary in length and exertion levels, but typically last for a full hour. You will typically burn around 700-1000 calories while enjoying the scenery of our beautiful Island!

Community: Anyone is welcome to join the fun. As this is a non-contact sport, a variety of age levels can participate. The team’s social committee organizes events on and off the water in the island, including community service activities.

Camaraderie: Make new friends and have new experiences. Tourists from all over the world. Group activities such as island paddling, diving, and barbecues.

Leadership: Want to learn to coach or steer a dragon boat? We’ll teach you! Want to take up a more active role in the organization of the club? We have a Board of Directors and many opportunities for members to get involved. Leadership is many things, including sharing your skills with kids, helping expand our programs, or bringing a group of your own to join our club and share in the fun!

Contact US (For Questions or Just Say Hi)

[contact-form-7 id=”870″ title=”Contact US (For Questions or To Just Say HI) “]
First and foremost: DON’T FORGET TO HAVE FUN


6:00 am Check in and introduction
6:30 am Warm-up
6:35 am Jog on the beach (start of Land Training)
6:55 am Back on Aplaya Beach Front
7:00 am Crossfit/Calisthenics and Stretching
7:15-8 am Boat Training

What to Wear:

Dragon boating is a water sport. Dress as if you would go to a water park, canoeing or kayaking, and prepare to get a little wet. Most newcomers will tend to splash water, so wear light swim- or exercise-type clothing that won’t weigh down if soaked. Avoid wearing cotton as it soaks and retains water, making you feel uncomfortable, will conduct away body heat, and may restrict your movement. While on the boat, you can wear sneakers, water shoes, or flip flops. A pair of sunglasses will both help keep out the glare and protect your eyes from splashing water. A hat is highly recommended to keep you cool when exposed to the sun in the middle of the ocean, and it helps keep your head from getting wet. Sunscreen would be helpful in keeping you from getting burned. Being in the middle of the ocean exposes you more directly under sunlight. The bench in a dragon boat is hard and can wear on your derriere. Sitting on gardening kneeling pad works well for most people.

What to Bring:

Not much, except a 500ml bottle or two of water. 
You will definitely need water, even when it’s not hot.

What will be Provided

We have paddle for you, you may bring a a life vest if you wish (also know as a PFD — Personal Floatation Device).


In case of uncooperative weather (Hurricane, Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms, Hail, Torrential Rain) we will cancel practice. If you provide an e-mail address, or you follow us on twitter, you will get a message either the night before in case of severe weather, or a couple hours before practice.


Dragon Boat racing requires a high degree of responsiveness from all members for safety and competitiveness. When a boat needs to make an immediate quick maneuver, responding timely to commands will surely help keep things safe and fun for all.

LOAD THE BOAT: Step onto the boats after having put on and buckled your PFD, with everything ready to go. When getting on the boat, be sure to do so one person at a time, one foot at a time. Start by stepping as close to the middle of the boat as possible, and once both feet are in, keep your profile low –in effect, lower the center of gravity.

SIT READY/READY ALL: Sit up straight and hold the paddle across your legs, extending the blade out to the water. This is a straight posture but relaxed position, used for reinforcing attention and focus through the entire crew.

PADDLES UP: Hold the paddle in the A-frame forward ready position. Blade slightly touching the water surface in front. This command is to get everyone to start the synchronization of the the very first stroke to take the boat away. This is only done in non-race maneuvering. In races, we would use a different command for the “get set & ready ” position.

ROW/TAKE IT AWAY: Simply start paddling.

SABAY/SYNCHRONIZE: Try to keep up with the pacer and paddle at the same pace.

HOLD WATER/CHECK THE BOAT: Action to stop the boat from moving. Plant your paddle swiftly and fully perpendicular to the gunwale and brace with your body to stop the boat from moving forward or back.

DRAW (LEFT / RIGHT): The paddlers will lean out to the side and pull water (deep) towards themselves – like having lost an object and trying to scoop it back. This is essential on the starting line, or when the boat needs to make quick turns, when winds may drift the boat sideways and the steersperson is trying to line the boat up directly down the course. Often, the steersperson will only call “First Two,” or “First Three Draw Left/Right” or “Back Two/Three.” The numbers mean the seat number. “First Three Draw Left” means the first three seats draw on the left side (the left-sitting persons only as in this case, we need to draw in from left).

PUSH (LEFT/ RIGHT): This command is the exact opposite of DRAW. Bury the blade deeply below the boat, with the blade’s flat surface parallel to the gunwale, and push outward.

FOCUS (used at Dragon Boat Club): Suspend conversation, diversions, distractions and focus in the boat and on the task at hand.

LET IT RUN (or Let it Ride): Stop paddling and hold the paddle in the sit-ready position, blade on top of the water to maintain balance while letting the boat continue to glide.

BRACE THE BOAT: To stabilize the boat. Paddle blades flat on the surface of the water with blades gently feathering back and forth.The shaft of the paddle pressed against the top of the gunwales.


MOVE UP: “First Three Seats, Give Me 3 Strokes.” Steerer commands certain seats (always paddler pair in this case) to paddle exactly 1, or 2, or 3 strokes to get the boat to alignment at the start line.

BACK DOWN: “Last Three Seats, Give Me 3 BACK Strokes.” The boat has glided across the start line and needs to back down. Steerer commands certain seats (always paddler pair in this case) to paddle exactly 1, or 2, or 3 back strokes to get the boat to alignment at the start line.

ALL BOATS HOLD: Starter referee’s call signifying that he/she is getting alignment of all boats. Be ready and focus on your team only to respond, the race is starting any second.

WE HAVE ALIGNMENT/ARE YOU READY?: Starter referee’s call signifying that he/she HAS EXACT ALIGNMENT. You should be hearing ATTENTION from your steerer at this time.

STANDBY (Please): Your drummer’s command to get into attention position.

GO! (HORN or GUN sound): Your steerer’s command to begin the race –take off on your start sequence.

Ready to JOIN US?

Click Below and Get Excited

Membership Fees

2000PHP/30 days

What’s Included:

  • Daily group land training with DragonFlies and DragonForce Dragon Boat Team.
  • Daily sunrise paddling/boat training with DragonFlies and DragonForce Dragon Boat Team.
  • Team group workout including cross fit, taebo, wall climbing, weight lifting and running.
  • Use of Dragon Boat, Stand Up Paddle, Canoe and River Raft boat (seasonal).
  • Social gathering including but not limited to, island tour, boat/beach parties, club dancing etc…

If not, come Join Us for a Newbie’s Practice (see below)

Newbie’s Practice Schedule

Monday to Friday 6am-8am

Make sure you have signed the waivers before attending any practice.

***You are allowed three (3) free beginners practices before you decide to join the club.

DONATIONS are also appreciated and tax-deductible.


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